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It might come as a surprise to know that even if your home does not have a chimney, you can still have the heating appliance of your choice installed. Our systems are double heated, meaning your flue can run closer to combustibles than a conventional liner.


In addition to London we work in Maidstone, Gillingham and all of the surrounding areas of Kent.

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If you don't have a chimney or there is no chimney present where you would like to install a heating appliance, then we've got the solution. London and Kent Chimney Services can install rigid flue systems in your home, meaning you can have the heating you want without having to have a chimney.

How it works

London and Kent Chimney Services can install stainless steel insulated systems, also known as twin-wall, which are supported through a wall or roof space. They connect to the top of your appliance and fix together to make a self-contained flue system.


The systems are regulated by HETAS; why not call us today for some helpful advice and to arrange a quotation?



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