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a large flue lined flues

If your existing chimney has developed a problem, London and Kent Chimney Services will be able to help. After determining the problem via a smoke pressure test, we can fit a stainless steel flexible tube that connects to your appliance within the chimney. For helpful advice, just give us a call today.

Why line your chimney?

  • Improves the integrity of your chimney

  • Prevents smoke leaks in your home

  • Improves the operation of your appliance

  • Correcting defective flue systems will improve your chimney up draught


London and Kent Chimney Services complete all work at your convenience and in accordance with HETAS regulations.



You can rely on us

When it comes to anything to do with the chimney in your home, London and Kent Chimney Services are the company to call. Run by Tom, we are a friendly and reliable business, working all across Bromley, Tilbury, Tonbridge and Clapham.


If you have no existing chimney, that's not a problem. We can install a complete rigid flue system; just give us a call for further information.

Chimney Flue lining services in London and Kent